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Profitable business model

Your profit does not depend on a specific apartment

The total rental income of the hotel is distributed among the investors proportionally - in accordance with the number of apartments owned by the investor.

Unique location

The main transport hub of the country

The heart of international and intercity transportation. 200 meters from the Central Railway Station. Express to “Boryspil” (KBP) airport departs from here. “Kyiv” (IEV) airport is located nearby.

Full service

The property is managed by an international hotel operator

The international hotel operator deals with everything related to the property maintenance and work with tenants: marketing, search and accommodation of guests, cleaning and renovation.

External control

Involvement of an international independent auditor

The finances are controlled by an external auditor. The owners will receive regular reports.

Profitability calculator

We offer a unique business model when the income is evenly distributed among the apartment owners

Number of apartments owned

According to the concept of the apart-hotel, we sell no more than two apartments for one person.

Average hotel occupancy

Average occupancy rate for Kyiv hotels in 2019 is 65%. Project your expectations on the indicator and find out the income you can get.
Apartments cost 92 800 $
Estimated cost of a room per day 90 $ (after taxes)

Your annual revenue after you pay for management expenses according to the options you choose

13 899 $

Modern and ergonomic design

A functional interior will remain relevant for years. Smart zoning and a kitchenette allow to combine short and long term rental models for maximum occupancy of the hotel.

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Questions and answers
35 questions

What is the Pool?

The Pool is a form of investor pooling where the profits of all its members come to the
shared fund and are distributed among them according to a predetermined ratio. That
is, each real estate owner, being a member of our pool, gets the share in the profits
from the whole hotel. The profit share depends on the number of apartments owned by
the investor only, not on how often they are rented out.

Why can't I manage my apartments on my own?

The S1 Terminal business model relies on the principle that maximizing profit at minimal
cost is only possible if apartments are used in the general pool, which guarantees the
profitability for each investor. 

How will they calculate the profit of investors - taking into account the hotel occupancy or based on the minimum rate?

Profit will be accrued based on the actual occupancy of the complex for the reporting period. Please see calculation examples in our catalog or obtain online by sending a request to

How to calculate the expected level of investment profitability of apartments?

You can find the profitability calculation using the special online calculator at out site

How often will I get my profit?

Investors of the complex will be paid on a quarterly basis.

Are there any special features of earning investment profit for foreign nationals?

Both residents and non-residents shall follow a general procedure of paying profits.

Can an investor use the apartment for personal residence?

Sure. However, he/she will be able to do so in a strictly defined period of time, upon sending an early notification to the apart-hotel managing company.

Can I get registered at an apartment?

The current system of registration of residence in Ukraine allows registration in residential premises only. Therefore, the legal status of the apartments does not provide for such an opportunity.

Can an investment in an apartment be a basis for obtaining a residence permit?

There is indeed such a legal scheme, but we do not provide such services.

When will I start earning money?

When the sale of the next lot begins, as apartments are constantly rising in price. And after the hotel is put into operation, you will begin to receive quarterly income from the rental of your property.

What are the key features of S1 Terminal Apart-Hotel?

The quality and diversity of our infrastructure fully meets the international requirements for the premium network hotels. Therefore, not only a modern fitness room and a multifunctional conference room, but also a fine dining restaurant with a lounge club atmosphere and creative cuisine, will be at the service of our clients.

Who can use these public spaces?

All privileges of the developed infrastructure of the complex are accessible to all guests of the apart-hotel. Investors will have such a right only for the period of personal residence in apartments on special terms - no more than four weeks a year and no more than one week a quarter.

What is the ceilings height in the living rooms of the apart-hotel?

We observe the modern standard of 2.7 m.

Will the S1 Terminal roof be operated?

The project architects are currently working on this task.

Does the apart-hotel have the outside areas and parking spaces?

There will be several guest parking spaces in the small adjoining territory. Guests will be able also use the on-site parking as well as various recreational and sports facilities located near the Ultramarine Shopping Center.

What tools will be used to ensure that the daily occupancy of the S1 Terminal with 360 apartments is more than the stated 60%?

After analyzing indicators of the capital's hospitality market, we came to a weighted average of 61%. In addition, the unique format of our apart-hotel allows the company to quickly adjust its occupancy through a medium-term lease. In addition, collaboration with the best suppliers of corporate gests and major travel agencies, as well as the presence of the most popular online booking sites, will not only provide us with high occupancy rate, but also allow even distribution of loads across all hotel rooms.

How can I read a management contract?

This document will be available after signing a contract with the hotel operator that will be responsible for ongoing and strategic management of the facility. But all of its key and strategic provisions are already enshrined in our sales agreement.

Can I buy apartments for a legal entity?

Yes, our offer is valid without restriction.

What is the cost of the apart-hotel management?

Subject to conclusion of the apartment management contract or transfer of the apartment to the trust management, the professional company will do all utilities and operating services, including the utility payment, for a fee of 32% of the monthly rate. Later on, investors will be provided with a full list of cost items.

Will this price be a fixed one?

It will be adjusted depending on the market situation.

What will be the cost of ongoing repairs, replacement of dishes, linen and more?

Upon execution of the contract with the company, these costs are included in the fee for the apart-hotel management.

What is the daily rent of the apartment?

It will be about $85 per room per night, but this may change depending on the market situation.

How can the investor control the key metrics of the hotel business he or she owns?

It has already been noted that the apartments servicing in our complex will be handled by an experienced operator, who will comply with all international norms and standards in terms of transparency, reliability and security. All information about the apart-hotel operation will be available to investors in the form of quarterly electronic reports. Also, a special external auditor will monitor the activities of the management company and conduct financial expertise of the annual work results.

Why is the cost of apartments at S1 Terminal higher than some offers in other countries?

Our complex consists of large-area business-class apartments with high-quality renovation and designer furnishings, effectively managed by a well-known hotel operator. All this provides high and stable returns on this real estate object, regardless of fluctuations in seasonal demand for tourist services that are typical for apartments in Georgia, Bulgaria or Spain.

Is the price of the apartment dependent on the floor where it is located?

No, the cost of units depends on priority only. The apartments are divided into lots, which are planned to be opened for sale after they are ready.

Is it possible to buy an apartment on proxy?

Yes, this document gives the right to buy and sell such type of real estate.

What is the deadline for construction?

Construction of the complex will take 2 years and the interior finishing will take 1 year.

When the new Showroom and Sales Office will be opened for visitors?

We are pleased to welcome the first investors in December 2019 - January 2020.

What loan programs are available to your investors?

We have special installment terms at 0%. You can find the terms from consultants of our Sales Office by phone +38 (044) 222 22 20 , or fill out a special form on the site -

What are the installment terms?

Installment terms can be found in our catalog or online consultation on request at our Sales Office -

Is there a discount at 100% payment?

No, such opportunity is not available.

Is it possible to pay for the apartment in cash or with a payment card?

Yes, according to the applicable law and conditions of your bank (P2P money transfer).

Do you help investors to open a bank account or transfer money?

No, but we are ready to provide you with a list of our partner banks.

What is the best way to transfer money from abroad?

We recommend opening an investment account in Ukraine.

What is the exact price of your property at present?

It is determined according to the current price list as of request.

Standard One
Standard One Terminal

Polzunova, 1b
Central Railway Station
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Polzunova, 1b
Central Railway Station

In a minute walk access

Railway station
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Building permission
License of the general contractor
Project expertise
Town-planning conditions
Building permission
License of the general contractor
Project expertise
Town-planning conditions
Get the presentation about Standard One Terminal by mail

Get the presentation about Standard One Terminal by mail

Visit our showroom.
We accurately recreate one of our future apartments.
You have the opportunity to rate the quality of renovation and furniture by our own.

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