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The course of the project construction in July

The course of the project construction in July

Dear friends, despite the advance of the holiday season, work on our project doesn’t stop even for a minute!

1. Construction of the complex of buildings is completed

In the section "A" 25 floors of monolithic reinforced concrete constructions were executed and work on arrangement of vertical elements of a roof and a car room was carried out. A monolithic frame in section "B" is 100% executed.

2. Installation of external walls continues

The brickwork in the section "A" is finished from 8 to 15 floor, and in section "B" brick floors from 3 to 16 floor, from 17 to 25 floor - work is ongoing. In addition, in the first building has already been made 75% of brickwork on the ground floor.

3. Stair marches mounted

The work on their installation is completed in both sections of the complex.

4. Installation of the ventilation system

In section "A" the work on their installation continues - they are completely mounted from 3 to 19 floor, and in section "B" these works are already fully completed.

5. Installation of windows

In the first section on the 3rd - 11th floors, windows are already mounted and the high rate of performance of this work gives confidence that they will be completed soon. In the second section the windows are already mounted on the 3 - 21 floors. In addition, on the first floor of section "A", construction and installation work on the arrangement of the glass facade is carried out, for what the installation of the frame of the structure is underway.

6. Work on the installation of plumbing and other engineering systems is under way

In the section "A" on the 3rd-12th floors, sewage risers are fully assembled, and from the 3rd to 15th floor hot and cold water supply are installed , as well as risers for heating. On the 4,5,7 and 10 floor work on the laying of cold and hot water and heating pipes is finished, on the other floors - installation work is underway.

In the section "B" installation of sanitary nets continues - sewer risers, risers of water supply and heating are mounted on 3 - 18 floors. Pipes of hot-cold water supply and heating are laid, and from the 4th to the 16th floor this work has already been finished.

7. The floor screed is completed

An important stage of rolled flooring - the bond is already executed on 4,5,7,10 floors of section "A", and on the 6th floor it will be completed shortly. In section "B" the scaffold is finished on the floors of 4,5,7,8,10,12,14,16, and on the 15th floor there are still works provided.

8. Facade insulation

The facade is insulated with a mineral wool from the 3rd to the 8th floor of section "A" and on the same floors of section "B". In addition, work is carried out on insulation and installation of a ventilated facade in the axes from 1 to 22 floor. Pylons with deformation suture are sealed and insulated.

9. Plastering works have begun

Application on the walls of gypsum plasters is executed on the 4th floor of section "A" and on 6.7, 8 floors of section "B". Today, the "front of works" of plasterers - 7th floor of the first building and 5,10,12 floors of the second section.

Standard One is being built fast, but nothing is done in a hurry!

The grace period for installments is extended
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